The purpose of JEMM is to provide a sophisticated and educational platform where customers can discover and purchase unique and interesting products related to wellness, skincare, beauty and gifting with a focus on shimmer and sparkles, leaving customers feeling happy and glowy to brighten a world with so much darkness.

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From the Founder
"You deserve to feel as good as the twinkle of stars, the sparkle of diamonds, and the shimmer of sun-kissed skin, for your inner radiance is meant to shine brightly and be celebrated."
Stephanie de Abreu
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Iyanla Vanzant once said, ‘the way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first’. JEMM Distributors was born from this concept when our founders Steph and Tyron identified a gap in the market for supporting individuals in a world where support is not always easily given.
Our Story
The journey of Steph and Tyron, owners of JEMM Wellness Distributors

Qualified as a dermal aesthetician at the Isa Carstens academy in Stellenbosch, Steph went on to work in the field of medical aesthetics and completed many short courses in various skill sets such as retail management, advanced nail systems, different product house training and many others. She always had a great passion for education and business. Following this passion led her to lecturing at her beloved tertiary academy in Stellenbosch where she developed a sincere love for her students and investing in youth. The youth will lead the future of the health and wellness industry and they need help in molding this future. 

She could not do this alone and so she enlisted the help of Tyron. As a Master in Biochemistry, Tyron is able to critically evaluate and research effectively. Having been with Steph for every step of her tertiary journey he was often called on to be a client and was basically an ‘honorary ISA girl’ himself, having sat for everything from epilation to chemical peels. This unique partnership allows the business to combine the practical skills and experience of Steph with the scientific insight and administerial knowledge of Tyron to offer  a unique solution to customer’s needs. Steph brings the glitter and Tyron makes it shine.

THE Name
JEMM is not just a rare and beautiful gem

After the passing of their mothers a few years after one another, the two realised how short life is and the time to start their business and support the industry is now. Steph and Tyron chose the name JEMM to pay homage to their roots, as it is made up from the names of the people who raised them and without whom they would not have this incredible opportunity. The J & E come from Tyron’s mother and grandmother who taught him to be emotionally intuitive and always curious. The M & M come from Steph’s mother and father who taught her to be courageous and a problem solver. JEMM also happens to be a homophone for “GEM” which is quite fitting because every person is precious, like gems are.

Products with a difference

The business aims to distribute products with a difference. These products will help individuals feel excited. If a product doesn’t make you say: ‘Oh wow’, ‘That’s so cool’, ‘I need that’ or make you smile then it doesn’t belong on here. We source from a variety of people, countries and companies to bring you good quality. We also create a space for individuals to showcase their new products. If you have a cool new product that you want to sell but don’t have the platform, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help you!

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