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When I was in school we used to have winter drives where we would all knit squares and my school would sew them together. In doing research for JEMM Wellness’s posts I happened upon the Knit-A-Square foundation. A beautiful initiative to keep South Africa’s children warm. We all know how difficult the cold can be.

Every time a compassionate crafter makes a loop to cast on, or start to crochet, or loom, they are directing their focus towards this issue. When they pack and post their squares and hats, they send them with love and hope for the children’s future. Knit, package and send.

When the parcels arrive, they are opened, sorted and bundled with gratitude and joy. The team of grandmothers then sew the squares together to make beautiful blankets.

Once the blankets and apparel are made they are then delivered to those who need them.

“When the volunteers search the informal settlements for small crèches (daycare centres) where these small children are cared for during the day, they carry with them the knowledge that a worldwide community cares. When they wrap the children in the warmth of your work – your blankets, hats and hand-warmers – and place a handmade toy in their arms, they do it on behalf of you, and with your love.”

You can help make their jobs easier by following the important steps listed on their ‘instructions’ tab to package your squares.

What I think you should gain from this foundation is the fact that the organisations like this can exist is a testament to humanity and how we can come together to support one another in times of need without even knowing each other. Support is out there, all you have to do is ask.

I see you and I acknowledge your struggles and I know you are stronger then them.  

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