“Pay it forward” Coffee Shop Success

The “pay it forward” story of DC Coffee Co. In Fourways makes one believe in the power of humanity again. Neil and Samantha Golding suffered many traumas in life that could make a person want to give up. In 2017 Neil is quoted as saying: ““As a PTSD sufferer already my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. PTSD was caused by repetitive trauma after surviving the Asian Tsunami in Thailand in 2004, losing the ability to walk from a roof collapsing on me, losing a girlfriend in a car accident, surviving a life-threatening lung infection and coma in Nigeria, losing my business partner/best friend to diabetes (all of the episodes occurring in 2005), surviving heart failure in Brazil in 2008 and lastly surviving an armed robbery and shootout at our house in 2015.” This led to Neil attempting suicide and the family facing bankruptcy. Top all this off with the Covid 19 lockdown threatening to close their ‘fresh start’ shop. But they have shown us the power of Will and overcome these adversities. They rebuilt their lives from the ground up and now their business serves their community and helps to build other individuals. Their non-profit coffee shop focuses on “Brewing Kindness”.

The concept is simple. Buy a coffee and donate a coffee. There is no qualification to redeem a free coffee, but simply stop by, grab a voucher from their Pay It Forward Wall or DM them and they will deliver in the area.

They also launched a weekly campaign called “Free Coffee Friday” to provide exposure for their Coffee wall. Every Friday, they would profile a certain sector or category of people that could be nominated for Free Coffee. As a business, they would pay for it, but the community would nominate people they felt needed this gift.

Categories were vast and included frontline workers, teachers, small business owners, those who had lost jobs, those struggling with mental health issues, those struggling financially, engaged couples who needed to postpone weddings due to lockdown, entertainers and event businesses affected massively by COVID, the travel sector, people just having a rough time and so the list went on.

The vouchers are sold in-store and provide space for a name, the gift being offered, and a personal note (often words of encouragement). The store also facilitates the purchasing of vouchers via WhatsApp requests on 064 535 0734.

What I think you should gain from this story is that life can be so unfair sometimes, cruel even and yet we overcome, we rebuild, we find hope in the most hopeless places and times and us human beings are capable of amazing things. Never give up because life can change in a day.

I see you and I acknowledge your struggles and I know you are stronger then them.  

Follow them on Facebook and share your support: https://www.facebook.com/dccoffeeco/?_rdc=1&_rdr


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