Printed Socks

Printed Socks

You have 2 options to choose from when it comes to our socks.

1. Cotton socks with either a full color print (DTF) or a one color print (HTV) . One position placement. Socks available in different colours.

2. Sublimation socks. Which is polyester and has a black toe and heel. The sublimation socks have no limit to design elements and is printed top to bottom and back to front.

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Printed Socks

Create customised socks for any event.

  • Style meets personality: Stand out with unique, customized socks that reflect your individuality and fashion sense.
  • Memorable gifts: Give personalized socks that leave a lasting impression and show you care.
  • Team unity and spirit: Boost camaraderie with customized socks featuring team logos, colors, or player names.
  • Brand visibility: Promote your business with custom socks displaying your logo, slogan, or brand elements.
  • Fundraising success: Generate funds for your cause with eye-catching custom socks as part of your fundraising campaign.
  • Swag that stands out: Make your corporate event or trade show memorable with customized socks as giveaways.
  • Professional uniforms: Enhance team identity with custom socks as part of your sports, fitness, or dance uniforms.
  • Unforgettable merchandise: Create a line of custom socks that fans and customers will love to wear and show off.

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Printed Socks
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