Satin Pillow slips

Satin Pillow Slips

These Satin Pillow Slips come in a set of 2. Can be made to different dimensions. Can be customized.


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Satin Pillow Slips

Satin Pillow Slips are smoother and more resilient than traditional cotton. So, hair becomes less matted and tangled in contact with satin. Free from knotting, static and bunching, your hair will thank you if you rest your head on satin. Satin pillow slips are a must-have for anyone with dyed, dry, long or frizz-prone hair.

So, are sating sheets good for eczema? In fact, satin sheets are often recommended to people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema due to the reduction in friction and therefore inflammation.


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Satin Pillow slips
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